During your stay in Lund, you should definitely take the opportunity to see the sights – among them, the cathedral. Among the many interesting things to see in the 900 year old church, you´ll find the giant Finn – more specifically in the crypt, holding one of the cathedrals pillars.
According to legend, the monk St Lars (or St Laurentius) tricked the giant into building the cathedral for him, by making a bet with him; if the giant could finish the cathedral before the monk could find out the giants name, the monk would have to give his eyes to the giant. The giant was confident he would win, but as he was about to put the last building block in place, the monk shouted his name – Finn. The monk had heard a giant woman singing to her children, about how “father Finn” would bring home the monk´s eyes. Angered over losing the bet, Finn ran into the crypt to bring down the cathedral – but turned to stone when he wrapped his arms around one of the pillars.
Everyone in Lund has heard the story of Finn since childhood. To Hotel Finn, it´s a reminder of the fact that our city, Lund, is a place where history flaps its wings whereever you go, and yet never seize to renew itself. We don´t mind sharing the story with you.