Hotel Finn – a different kind of living, when living away from home. Many hotels propose to be a home away from home. We wouldn´t, because we know that nothing compares to home. What we do propose, is to provide a living space that comes pretty darn close. How? By putting you in charge. Just like you are in your own home, where you decide everything from how your rooms should be furnished to whether you´d like to prepare your meal yourself or order take‐out, eat alone or with others, at the table or in front of the TV.
That´s how we define the near home‐experience at Hotel Finn: a place where you simply can be yourself. But hey – not by yourself, if you don´t want to. Hotel Finn´s friendly hosts and hostesses are available between 7AM-8PM, please note that hours may vary,  and they´re always ready to assist or give you tips about where to go and what to do in the Lund area. Or hang out, play games, help you with your cooking, or just chit‐chat for that matter.

Hotel Finn is owned and managed by the Paulsson family, who also own and manage Hotel Lundia and Grand Hotel. Established in 1899, Grand Hotel is Lund´s oldest and perhaps most famous place to live, dine and enjoy life with its classic approach and dedication to service, quality and caring for the spirit of Lund.